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Colonize Europe!

Start from nothing and dominate another continent.
Spread the influence of your culture while creating your own empire!

Since the 14th century, Europe has been a global super power when it started colonizing other continents. But what if history had gone a different way? What would Europe be like if Asia had prevailed?

Abu Al-Qazzaz is the main character in Spice Trade. He is a poor young man from Baghdad, who has inherited a house and some land.. oh, and he wants to get married too.

Abu decides to try his luck in the spice game. He has to prevent the European countries from gaining a trade monopoly. Will Abu be able to beat out the Europeans in the spice trade? Could Europe have been different?
How? You decide!

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Also, the Exhibitions page has been updated with news of past and upcoming exhibitions.
Spice Trade will be on display during 29th of November - 2nd of December, 2005 in Argentina, in the II International Festival of Electronic Art 404/Astas Romas exhibition.

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Abu Al-Qazzaz

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